V.I.P. Training Programs

With everything that goes on in our lives sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation or time to make it to the gym or an exercise class or figure out what weights or machines to use or even when and what to eat. You need to fit your workout in whenever and wherever without being tied to a certain schedule or place and without worrying about what types of food you should eat. I’m a certified personal trainer and can coach you to help hold you accountable and build workout and nutrition plans customized to fit you.


Maybe in the past you have hired a personal trainer to help you reach your goals but did not get the results you wanted. With my one-on-one online V.I.P. coaching you will receive weekly workouts, custom macro calculations, recipes, and daily check-ins to keep you on track, motivated and accountable. So, you will attain the body you’ve always dreamed of and more importantly take back your health! Whether you prefer to work out in the gym or in the comfort of your own home I have a plan for you. You’ll have direct access to me every day via an app, updated weekly workouts and nutrition guidance. If you’re ready to make the change, I would love to have you join my VIP program. This type of investment would normally cost several hundred dollars a month in a regular gym. However, this investment will only cost 199$ for six weeks. If you’re ready to make the change, I would love to have you join my VIP program Lifted and Lean.