Meet Akilah

Hello Everyone!
My name is Akilah Yvette Mabounda. I have always had a love and passion for health and fitness.  I love lifting weights, doing cardio, attending cycling classes, doing Pilates and running.  

I was not one of those people that grew up being active, participating in sports or athletics. In fact, my last two years of high school I studied cosmetology so I would have a job that I could work to pay my way through college. It was not until I was in college where I studied Health and Human Development that I began to develop my love of all things fitness. As a stress reliever and to lose the typical freshman 15 I had gained I started going to the gym on a regular basis and fell in love with the way it made my body feel both physically and mentally. 

From there I began to take all sorts of group exercise classes and continued to workout up until graduation. I then later met my husband and soon after getting married became pregnant. Due to a high risk pregnancy I was not able to exercise the entire nine months. Unfortunately, I gained over 40 pounds. Shortly, after having my first son I became pregnant again with my second son.

Since, I had not lost all the weight from my previous pregnancy the weight piled on and I found myself up over 50 pounds! I then knew what I had to do. Despite, being a wife and mom of three boys ages 4 and under, I had to make drastic changes in my life to better myself and my family.

I began a more consistent regime of working out, lifting weights, eating right and getting  proper sleep. I was able to successfully lose those 50+ pounds, gain lean muscle and sleep better than I have in years! I was able to do this through using an IIFYM approach or flexible dieting, lifting weights and other effective fat burning HIIT workouts. I also fell in love with running and have ran several 5k and 10k races and am currently training for a half-marathon! 

This re-ignited the passion in me that I felt for health, wellness and fitness since my college days. So, I pursued additional training and received my personal training certificate. I have also attended several workshops and classes to further my education. I truly love health and wellness and hope to be able to assist you on your journey to being healthy, happy and fit.

Akilah Yvette